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Our blades are made of high carbon steel, usually 0-1 Tool Steel. Carbon has a tendency to react with acid, so it's a good practice to wipe the blade off with a towel after use, and to oil your blade regulary. High carbon steel will begin to color and "grey" with use. This coloration is normal and called patina. This patina will help form a protective layer for your blade and help to protect it against rust and oxidation. 



It's important that you rinse and COMPLETELY DRY your blade after use. If your blade remains wet for an extended period of time, rust may begin to form on your blade. It is recommended that you store your blade in a dry, climate controlled environment. Storing your knife in wet or humid environments, such as attics or basements, may cause rust to form on the steel. 

Leather sheaths are also not the best for long term storage. Substances that have been used to tan the leather may pull humidty from the atmosphere, causing your knife to discolor and rust. For long term storage, it is recommended that you apply a coating of oil to your blade and wrap the knife in a soft cloth or towel.


Oil is used to keep your knife from getting rusty and looking unattractive. It is recommended that you apply a general all-purpose oil to keep your blade protected. 3-IN-ONE oil seems to work nicely as well as regular old WD-40. If you’re blade will be used to prepare food, we recommend a food grade oil such as canola oil or olive oil. Just apply a thin layer to the blade before storage. Careful not to cut yourself.